About Wylie Acting Group:

How are WAG’s plays different from other community plays that appeal to young audiences?

We are different because our theatre productions are family focused. Every production is a demonstration of enthusiastic family commitment – from the front door, to the performance, to the greenroom and beyond. Each family serves upwards of twenty hours on every production making for a fun experience for everyone.

How can we buy tickets?

Individual tickets can be ordered either through the ONLINE STORE on our website or from our box office. Tickets purchased online will be available upon arrival at the box office.

Can we pay by credit card?


Does Wylie Acting Group contribute tickets to community auctions and fundraisers?

Yes! To make a request, please contact us via email at info@wylieactinggroup.org.

About the Audience:

How old should a child be to enjoy your plays?

Wylie Acting Group is very proud to entertain even the smallest theatre goers. We hope area children will attend their first real play at one of our shows. Most children age four and up will have a blast at our performances. If your child is younger, attendance may still be a good bet; just be sure he or she can sit relatively still for 45 minutes to an hour. Many young children are transfixed by the experience of seeing child actors at work. We do ask that crying or talkative children be removed to the lobby during shows as a courtesy to actors and other patrons.

May we take photographs during WAG performances?

Flash photography and videography are disruptive to the actors and patrons, and are prohibited by most play licensing agreements. WAG utilizes the services of local photographers to take photos for press, website, organizational, and family purposes. We also record DVDs with the permission of, and in accordance with, the copyright policies of individual publishing houses.

Auditioning for WAG Productions:

How old must my child be to audition for the cast of WAG’s plays?

Shows that include youth performers are for children of various ages depending on the production and directors. Generally, they must be currently enrolled in school between the grades of kindergarten and senior in high school. However, children at the lower end of that age range are limited in what they can reasonably do on stage. This is mostly due to their generally small stature and maturity level. Their voices can only carry so far given their size and age. In addition, they don’t typically enjoy working with a large group of strangers. Please take this into consideration when deciding to audition your child. We do occasionally offer workshops and classes that are geared to the younger set. As expected, this will help them become familiar with what’s expected of them as well as help them to hone their skills. We highly suggest you sign up for our emails as we announce upcoming workshops and classes via email.

How old must you be to try for a place on the backstage crew of WAG’s plays?

Crew members must be at least 11 years old at the time of auditions. Discretion is given to the director and stage manager of any given show.

Approximately how many kids try out for the cast and crew?

We typically have between 50 and 70 children audition. Youth only plays have between 35 and 45 children in the cast. Participation in the backstage crew is even more limited and is dependent on the technical demands of each particular production.

Is there a fee to audition or participate in a WAG play?

No, Wylie Acting Group does not charge an audition or casting fee like many other local theatres. We do ask for assistance with a donation towards a performer’s costume and to the concession stand. This is not required for participation as our goal is to make participation in theatre possible for all families. We also provide various fundraising opportunities to help cover our building and production expenses. Wylie Acting Group makes every effort to keep these requests to a minimum since our goal is to be inclusive of families from all levels of society.

Are all kids who are selected for the cast and crew experienced?

No. Wylie Acting Group is proud to give many children their first acting experience. Usually each cast reflects a balance of new and experienced performers. Generally, however, children who have experience speak more distinctly and have more stage presence, and thus have a better chance at being cast. Of course, children do become better actors with practice. We encourage children interested in performing on stage to seek out learning opportunities and educate themselves in the art of stage work in any way they can. School musicals, scout skits, church plays, books, and the internet can be great resources.

How do auditions work?

Currently, notices of audition dates appear on our website, our social media accounts, as well as our email list. To receive these notifications please sign up for email notifications via the link on our home page.

Online registration is required for all participants, even crew. This registration includes a copy of the rehearsal calendar which allows participants to provide a list of scheduling conflicts. Rehearsal attendance is required. Participants who cannot attend the first required meeting and ALL other required tech/dress rehearsals should not audition. A full commitment is needed from each participant. Note: Summer productions do allow a bit more leeway as we expect families to take several days of vacation.

Upon arrival at audition, parents will complete a liability waiver before they can enter the audition area. Activities at auditions vary according to the preference of the director, but usually include 60-90 second monologue performances and cold readings from the script of the show. Sometimes individual or small group improvisations are held. Musicals require vocal performances and often a choreography lesson and test.

Who decides which children are selected for the cast and crew?

Wylie Acting Group makes use of a minimum 3 person casting committee to assist in the casting process. The casting committee typically consists of the director of each play along with two additional individuals. The director has the final casting decision, but makes all decisions with input from the rest of the committee. Our casting policies state that one member of the casting committee be a member of the community not currently serving on the board of directors. The third member of the casting committee must be an actively serving board member. Committee members recuse themselves from the judging of their own children should they be auditioning.

Why wasn’t my child cast?

Casting any dramatic production requires balancing many factors, which include attributes beyond “raw talent.” The director and the casting committee must not only choose casts which reflect their artistic and individual vision of the show, but also must balance ages, experience, and other important qualities such as ability to listen and follow directions, ability to work well with a group, availability for rehearsals and so forth.

When qualified children are not cast, it is usually because they have conflicts with the rehearsal or the performance schedule. WAG regrets that there is not time to contact each child not chosen to explain the reasoning for casting decisions, and asks each to keep in mind that it may be no reflection on your talent, and we encourage you to keep trying! The truth is, we believe every child deserves a role in a show, but since cast size is limited, we just cannot cast everyone.

Acting & Crewing in WAG Productions:

What is a typical rehearsal schedule for a WAG play?

Participating in a children’s theatre play is a big commitment, but very rewarding. A tentative rehearsal schedule is available at each audition and is posted online prior to auditions. A typical rehearsal schedule would include rehearsals two or three days a week for about 8 weeks. Generally, rehearsals are held in the evenings on weekdays and during the morning on Saturdays. However, during “Tech Week” (the final days before the play opens) the cast and crew rehearse more often, possibly every night, Sunday through Thursday. These rehearsals last approximately four hours each evening, in order to incorporate the scenery, costumes, sound, lighting, and make-up. Be warned, they almost always run later than expected!

Is it possible for actors or crew members to miss rehearsals?

Not without consequences. A determining factor in casting are scheduling conflicts. Parents must list all potential conflicts before a child auditions. Sadly, the older, more talented, and/or more experienced children frequently have the most conflicts. Missing rehearsals is generally not allowed except for absences approved by the director. Families must understand that an ensemble activity such as a play depends on the active participation of each and every actor and crew member. The presence of each member of the cast and crew is critical. No performances or tech week rehearsals may be missed except for acute emergencies. In addition, past attendance records can be referred to as a determining factor for casting in future shows.

What are the time demands of crew members during rehearsals and performances?

Crew members attend fewer rehearsals than actors because their main job begins when the production moves to the stage during the weeks prior to performances. Some crew members are trained as tech assistants to adult volunteers knowledgeable in this area. Regular work days are scheduled so that crew members may assist with the construction of the set and props.

What is WAG’s refund policy?

Refund Policy for Products (T-shirts, CD’s, Car Decal, etc.)

Merchandise that is discovered to be defective upon receipt will be replaced when possible.  Should the replacement item not meet your expectations or a replacement is not available, you may return the merchandise purchased for a full refund.

Refund Policy for Classes and Events

Refunds for events will not be given, however, upon request a credit will be issued in your name which may be used for attendance to any future event including tickets to productions, tuition for classes, and workshops, etc.

Do you have a question we haven’t answered?

Contact us at info@wylieactinggroup.org