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You’ll be humming ’Scooby Dooby Doo…’ when you read this spooky mystery comedy, because it feels just like an adventure from our favorite cartoon detective show!  A motley crew of visitors, including the eccentric Ms. Flagg with her troupe of bickering high school science students, shows up for a weekend stay at Sammy’s Swamp.  In its prime, it was the beautiful Lake Shimmer Resort, but that was 30 years ago.  Little do our visitors know that they are about to stumble upon a string of mysteries, including a mysterious swamp ghost that appears to scare away the brigade of intruders!  Behind door 1-A lies a dark secret from the past, one that Deloris, the high-strung housekeeper, and the sinister Keeper of the Desk guard with their lives.  Just like Fred from ’Scooby-Doo,’ Justin, one of Ms. Flagg’s sharpest students, thinks there’s something fishy about Sammy’s Swamp and its swamp ghost.  When Mrs. Jolly, a newspaper reporter, arrives to snap pictures of the swamp ghost, she finds an old book of legends and reads ’The Legend of Sammy’s Swamp’ to the group.  A comic and dramatic tale of sweet success tainted by greed, betrayal and even murder comes alive onstage through a series of flashback sequences to reveal the secrets behind the downfall of the Lake Shimmer Resort.  Someone among them is behind the swamp ghost, the mysterious moans from room 1-A, the disappearance of the resort’s founder and the unsolved murder.  But who?  Join the meddling kids, a hobo named Clyde Peterson, a heartbroken Tanner Conners and a slew of other zany characters from the past to see how each one fits into the surprise ending of The Legend of Sammy’s Swamp!



A centuries-old immortal threatens to seduce and destroy the soul of a young woman and this evil creature doesn’t care who gets in his way. He will love again! The legend of Dracula’s morbid romance can be counted a masterpiece as unique as the vampire himself. Jonathan, Mina, and their friends endure a sequence of life or undeath in this twisted tale of dark forboding.



The Herdmans are the worst kids in the history of the world–so when they crash Sunday school and demand parts in the Christmas pageant, the whole town panics. There’s not supposed to be fighting or cigar-smoking in Bethlehem, and while these kids have never even heard the Christmas story, they definitely have rewrites! Soon everyone from the terrified pint-sized shepherds to the furious church ladies is calling for first-time director Grace to fire the Herdmans. But it’s up to Grace and the Reverend to help their community see the Christmas story and the Herdman kids through new eyes in this buoyant musical adaptation of the funny and touching holiday classic. Silent night? Not a chance. But sometimes a little joyful noise is just right for Christmas.


What’s a sensory show?  How is it different than other shows?

WAG’s sensory-friendly show will be geared to those patrons with special needs. The lights will stay up, the smells will stay low, and alternative seating may be arranged. Patrons may make extra noises, or even have a tendency towards additional movement in their seats or in the aisles.

If you or someone you know prefer a more traditional theater-going experience, we encourage you to consider attending one of the other show dates and times.

To buy tickets to our Sensory Shows just click the BUY TICKETS link at the top then look for the WAG’s Sensory Show logo on the tickets in the online store.  We hope you enjoy and please let your friends know!