As a mom of a child who did her first ever audition today, let me say how pleased I was at how smoothly things ran, how friendly everyone was and how affirmed my daughter felt when we got home! Thanks for taking the time to smile at my child and tell her she did well. Goes a long way in continuing to build confidence in an 8-year-old young lady. Thanks WAG! Whether cast or not, we will be supporting the show and group! Break a leg to all the kids auditioning! – Melissa Hatch

My child loves the social experiences. He learns about commitment, hard work, and teamwork. He’s met a lot of very kind kids and adults. – Adventures of Fearsome Pirate Frank Parent

Noah just loves acting and it is so fun seeing him so happy doing what he loves. Silas was really challenged with the choreography and it was great to see him work so hard. Elise went from crying at auditions to shouting out her lines (and singing ALL the songs at home). She had a blast and grew so much! – Hotopp Family

This production has encouraged my kids to persevere and enjoy the payoff of working hard and working as a team. They also embraced the value of helping others who were struggling. So grateful! – Dorothy Craft

This production has given my kids a sense of community and a place of belonging. – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Parent