In 2010, a community group with a strong desire to create, promote, and support theatre arts opportunities for the children of Wylie met together and founded Wylie Acting Group for Children. Spearheaded by Del Thatcher, their purpose was to found a nonprofit children’s community theatre group. That first year, it was a kind of magic to watch volunteers work in partnership to make community theatre happen for the children of Wylie.

In 2015 we debuted our first adult performed production and now consider ourselves a family theatre. Especially because even the children’s productions require many volunteer hours from adults to be successful.

The magic of the first year continues thanks to hardworking community service minded volunteers who give their time and talents because they believe strongly in the crucial contribution that theatre participation makes in our communities.


Wylie Acting Group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The organization is lead by a Board of Directors committed to carrying out oversight and compliance duties. Specific goals and objectives are accomplished through committees, each chaired by a member of the Board.



To educate and enrich the lives of children and families through the magic of community theatre.