How to participate in a show

Wylie Acting Group runs like a traditional community theatre.  Each production is it’s own event.  In order to participate in a production you must first audition for the upcoming production.

Each performer is asked to bring a 4×6 photo of themselves and a resume listing their previous theatre experience. This is not required to participate but recommended.

Be sure your child wants to learn about theatre and wants to share the stage. Wylie Acting Group participants are encouraged to learn all aspects of theatre…small parts, big parts, crew work, and more. Come ready to learn and be a part of something great. Being willing and able to share the spotlight is a great quality for any star to have.

Auditions include a performed 1-minute monologue that is self-selected. It must be memorized and age-appropriate.

Please check the age range being cast for the upcoming production.  You can find all details for the next audition HERE.  If you missed the current production audition please check out CALENDAR HERE for the next audition date.

We hope to see you at the auditions!